It’s time to Spend South Chennai for your Holidays

Growth in South Chennai over the recent years have been tremendous and Manna Villa has come up with affordable and Luxury villas, Beach Resorts for serving the mid segment category. There is a surge in the preference towards 2 BHK configuration in Chennai and Manna Villa is planning to rent the same in the yet to come properties.

A 2 BHK in South Chennai rental costs less than 20 percent of the price when compared to a similar 2BHK Beach house in ECR for rent south Chennai. So this would be an excellent opportunity to enjoy for your weekend or holidays. If you are a working professional with a steady income, then this is the right time to make the right choice for your family enjoyment.

Manna Villa resorts in ECR & Mahabalipuram is near to most of the Mahabalipuram beach and also well connected to Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu & Auroville etc., which would provide a great relief to the commuters resuming from work. Previously, the locality is considered to be a remote region of Chennai but now it has evolved into a major real estate hub for major Beach resorts.

Closeness to the Chennai International Airport gives this location a strategic advantage and provides greater convenience to frequent flyers. Now in recent months, there has been a great spurge in the demand for the real estate properties in the locality from nearby location such as OMR.

Also well connection to the major parts in the city by the public transport gives it another advantage when it comes to real estate.


One day Resorts for rent in ECR from Chennai

One day Resorts for rent in ECR from Chennai would offer you wonderful sightseeing spots around Chennai brought to you by Chennai Manna Villa Resort.


We do provide you wide varieties of room rental according to requirement covering all the places in one day staying packages from ECR, Mahabalipuram Chennai.

Nearby places in and around Chennai would include Marina Beach, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Dhakshina Chitra, Guindy National park, Government museum, Parthasarathy temple, St.Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Kovalam beach, ECR, Mahabalipuram, and so on.

Lucrative places are available as per the choices of tourist and we have a set of places to see in for one day villa rental packages in ECR Chennai. Our best is not just in resort rental, also in customer handling. Making the customer feel at home by offering all the comfort they require which they might need in the course of staying.

For all kinds of people such as the lover of adventure, nature, religious, traditional, and for the sake of fun we do have different packages where Chennai herself offers a variety of options left. By considering us for this beach house rental services, Manna Villa honoured and only bring out the best to you.

For the best deals, do try our resorts or Beach house in ECR Mahabalipuram One day from Chennai and contact us Manna Villa.

The Amphitheatre – Tips to build your Entertainments in Resorts

Looking for best resorts for rent in Mahabalipuram, ECR Chennai to rest of your family and friends in during weekend or vacations trip. Manna Villa in ECR is the best Resorts for rent in Mahabalipuram with the facilities of swimming pool, camping, indoor and outdoor games.

Lazy Sunday, the wife and kids are not here. You don’t have to go out; she has prepared the food and refrigerated them. You need to heat it. You have 24 hours spread across you and you simply don’t know what to do. You think, how about a movie? You wait and select a Dustin Hoffman flick or that favorite Al Pacino movie. You slowly make way to your rugged TV and watch with the worst sound system.

Everything was cool until the last part huh? Well everyone wants to watch everything in HD, music in 5.1 Ch Dolby Atmos. Entertainment resorts in ECR Mahabalipuram has had a great leap forward and with millenials trying to understand the dynamics of owning an awesome system to their end. We will speak about the importance and part with a few tips.

Luxury beach house in ECR Mahabalipuram usually serves as a theatre, game room and what not. It’s your sacred space to unwind and Anil Bhaskaran, MD, IDEA centre architects completely agrees with you. He quotes “It can house any type of audio-visual entertainment equipment. Besides the home theatre, it may also accommodate a variety of indoor and computer games”.

The first step is choosing the right equipment. A typical entertainment room should have an ideal screen either LED or using throw projectors with a surround sound to immerse you in the experience. Then the rest follows like blu-ray player,s DVD player etc… The seating should be at least 8 to 10ft away from the screen. You need ambient lighting and air conditioning for the room. You should have minimal furniture, probably a rack to hold your DVD and a small table. Your chairs can be the theatre chair with arm restsand popcorn holders, or a sophisticated couch or simply a bean bag would do. You better have acoustic panels and sound proof insulations and paint the room in warm and dark colors for the best viewing experience. These are the basics, the rest of the design we leave up to your imagination. Hey, this is your sacred sanctorum. Go crazy on that!

Why Your Honeymoon Should be by the Beach House in ECR

For most people the wedding ceremony is the most important part of their marriage, the countless hours of planning, meeting new people, extravagant clothes and even more exorbitant food. Though these may be enjoyable, it is the days after that that truly matters and what better way to start it off than with the perfect honeymoon from resorts in ECR Chennai. The right choice of destination will ensure that you and your better half will have a delightful experience and get to know each other a lot better. Nowadays the ideal choice of destination for couples is the Luxury beach house in ECR.


Why is a beach town the perfect location for honeymooners? The number one reason is that the beach forces you to relax. After all the effort taken to create the perfect wedding day you deserve it. The feel of sun warming you up, the wind playing with your hair, the sand slipping through your feet as you and your partner take long romantic walks. The sound of the waves falling atop one another will set the background for conversations between just the two of you. The fresh breeze coming from the ocean while watching the sun set will leave you feeling refreshed.

Another reason is the locals. They manage to always wear a smile on their face and keep you entertained. This easy going attitude is proof of how much more calm it is here than in the city. For those interested in enrolling for some activities, there are plenty of water sports like jet skiing or surfing and for those looking for an adventure can explore the waters by snorkeling. If you are not game for any of these you can just relax at Mahabalipuram beach resorts that you are staying. Along with all this remember to experiment with the local food, after all the quickest way to a person’s heart is through the person’s stomach and what could be more romantic than a candle light dinner for two. Keeping in mind that your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime kind of deal, plan it with equal fervor as your wedding.

Villas for One Day Rent in ECR & Resorts in ECR Chennai

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Ever felt the quirkiness to just take off for a travel with your family on holidays. To get lost in the wilderness and explore the unexplored. But wait. You don’t have a ride. So what I’ll hitchhike. But can you? I mean the first human emotion is certainly not trust. Now what’s the solution? We have one for you. We are the best Villas for rent in ECR Chennai. You can approach us and book the resorts for rent in Mahabalipuram. That perfect getaway you planned with your partner may become a reality because our resorts rental in Chennai.


But wait. You are a bigger group. A team of six members. And you need a bigger room. We understand that. Let us tell you that there is our Beach house in ECR for rent. Our villa rental in Chennai will be your blessing in disguise as they will give you the best carrier. The power of Manna Villa spread out on the sandy Mahabalipuram beaches and long stretches of ECR will surely titillate your senses and hone your holiday trips.

Now you’re coming to Chennai for the first time and you have no clue whatsoever about what to do. Let us tell you that we have an awesome Beach House/  Resorts in ECR Chennai who will take care of all your wants. Our Villas will strive to create the best experience for you. And you will leave carrying memories with you.

Chennai has some awesome beaches and it can certainly be your next honeymoon or family holiday destination. With the right mix of temples, tradition, and tour it will make you want more. Manna Villa is the best Beach House in ECR Chennai. They will take you through the little streets of the city to taste some of the best street food to get lost in Mahabalipuram to experience the Pallava prominence.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Heater available
  • Security available
  • With kitchen
  • Hairdryers
  • Near to beach etc.